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Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire Area Info



Located in Sullivan County, New Hampshire, the town of Sunapee spans roughly 25.2 square miles and is home to just over 3,300 people. The scenic area is home to a large portion of the famous Lake Sunapee as well as Sugar River and Perkins Pond. The natural beauty lends itself to plenty of outdoor recreation and many come to Sunapee to enjoy swimming, kayaking, and taking in the peaceful views of the pristine waters. Sunapee is one of the most desirable places to reside and it's no surprise that famous celebrities, Ken Burns and the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, once called this town their home.

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covered bridge in Sunapee NH


New London

Home to the prestigious Colby-Sawyer College, the town of New London is situated in Merrimack County, New Hampshire. With a population of just under 4,400 people, the town spans roughly 26 square miles and includes two bodies of water: Little Lake Sunapee and Pleasant Lake. In the warmer months, the picturesque town's population swells as visitors come to take in the peaceful scenery and enjoy all that the lakes have to offer. Throughout the year, New London maintains a calm, welcoming atmosphere and a strong sense of community. 

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aerial view of New London



Home to the 37th U.S Secretary of State, John Milton Hay, Newbury is a town located in Merrimack County, New Hampshire that is rich with history and natural charm. The town has a population of just over 2,000 people and spans over 38 square miles. Much of its land is dedicated to heavily-wooded forests and bodies of water. Newbury is home to a portion of Lake Sunapee as well as Chalk Pond and Mountain View Lake. Like many towns in the Lake Sunapee region, many visit Newbury in the warmer months to enjoy all of the lake activities and outdoor recreation. 

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view of Lake Sunapee



Located along the Sugar River and surrounded by mountains, the town of Grantham is located in Sullivan County, New Hampshire. The town spans over 28 square miles and is home to Eastman Pond, Anderson Pond, Butternut Pond, and the Connecticut River. Eastman Community, a large community of homes with a private golf course and other recreation activities is a popular place to reside in Grantham. Though rural in nature, Grantham has a population of roughly 3,000 people that is rapidly growing and is conveniently located near the bustling communities of Lebanon and Concord.

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Established in 1794, the town of Springfield is well-known for its history and rural bliss. The town has a population of 1,311 people and spans over 44 square miles. Springfield is home to Gile State Forest and also includes Kolelemook Lake, Little Lake Sunapee, Baptist Pond, and Dutchman Pond. Once home to several U.S Army Generals as well as state representatives, Springfield provides a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle and in the warmer months, the land and bodies of water offer endless outdoor activities. 

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Springfield NH



Located in Merrimack County, New Hampshire, Sutton spans over 43 miles and is home to just over 1,800 people. Home to several politicians including U.S Congressman, Jonathan Harvey, the area is known for its distinct rural nature and relaxed charm. Sutton includes both the Kezar Lake and the Blaisdell Lake as well as Gile Pond. 

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barn in Sutton, NH



Home to Lake Massasecum, the town of Bradford is located in Merrimack County, New Hampshire. Spanning over 36 square miles, Bradford has a population of 1,650 people and is home to the 36th Governor of Massachusetts, John Q.A. Brackett as well as U.S Senator, Bainbridge Wadleigh. The quaint town is known for its relaxed atmosphere and rural charm. 

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Bradford NH



Warner is a charming town located in Merrimack County, New Hampshire. Home to over 2,800 people, the town spans over 55 square miles of breath-taking scenic beauty. Warner is home to both the Tom and Simmons Ponds as well as the Warner River and is a popular attraction in the warmer months. Warner is also well-known for being the home of 31st Governor of New Hampshire, Walter Harriman as well as poet, Maxine Kumin. 

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Town square Warner, New Hampshire



Located in Sullivan County, the bustling town of Newport is home to over 6,500 people in the Lake Sunapee region. Spanning 43 square miles, Newport includes both the Rollins and Chapin Ponds and is known for its awe-inspiring scenic views throughout the year. Newport's charming atmosphere and natural beauty have made it a highly sought-after place to reside and has been home to several notable people and celebrities including writer, Josepha Hale and U.S Congressman, Edwin Obed Stanard. 

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center of town, Newport, New Hampshire