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About Sutton, New Hampshire

Sutton NH Schoolhouse

Welcome to Sutton, New Hampshire

Incorporated in 1784, the town of Sutton is located in Merrimack County, New Hampshire. The quaint town is rich with history, culture, and scenic views of pristine water and rolling hills - all of which make it one of New Hampshire's many "hidden" gems. The community of Sutton is one that fully embraces its roots; when you come into town, you will see plenty of historic buildings that have been preserved to maintain their history such as the old District No. 9 Schoolhouse, a one-room brick schoolhouse on the town's common. Sutton includes the villages of Sutton Mills, North Sutton, East Sutton, and South Sutton. Home to just under 2,000 people, Sutton's rural atmosphere provides a peaceful escape into the great outdoors. Here, residents can breathe in the fresh air as they take in the scenery and enjoy the tranquility of Sutton. In the village of North Sutton, Wadleigh State Park lies on the sandy beaches of Kezar Lake and offers public recreation year-round; in the warmer months, many come to the park to enjoy the lake and water activities. If you're looking to embrace a relaxed, rural lifestyle in the New England countryside where history meets present-day blissfully, Sutton is right for you. Contact us to learn more about living in Sutton, NH. 

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Sutton provides its residents with endless opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds the small town. For those looking to do a bit more, you're in luck; Sutton is conveniently located to several larger communities in the area that offer plenty of amenities for you to take advantage of. 



  • Scytheville Row Shopping Center
  • New London Shopping Center
  • The 121 Shop


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